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I have a dry scalp and I pick at it without paying attention to what I'm doing pretty often. Sometimes it gets more sensitive than others, especially if I've been picking at a certain area for a long time. Putting this "Calm Scalp" on the really itchy spots seems to help quite a bit! It is cooling and soothing on top of itchy spots and keeps me from continuing to mess with the area. It feels nice and cool going on your scalp, and only has a little bit of sting to it if you have any torn skin in the area. I am pleased with this product and plan to continue using it to keep my scalp calm and under control.

Very effective scalp treatment--started working immediately & great results in a few days

This CalmScalp treatment has been very effective for my dry, itchy & flaky scalp. It is a fairly thick, rich clear fluid that feels a bit like a serum, and it is cooling as it goes on. It dries/is absorbed quickly and there is no sting…. It worked to help relieve the itchiness right away, and after just a couple of uses, it is already reducing the dryness, redness and there are no flakes. I'm really happy to have found this as I have been dealing with this issue for quite a while now,… The current price of $24.95 seems very reasonable for a four-ounce bottle. The product arrived boxed and properly sealed.

Helps an Itchy Scalp Calm Down

This Calmscalp topical solution is great. I have too much scratchy, irritated scalp, and I need help with this after using this solution product, it eliminates my scalp irritation and scratchiness and soothes completely, and now resulting, I get a healthy-looking scalp and hairline. I am very satisfied with this Calmscalp solution product and highly recommend it.

Stopped the irritation & no residue in my hair

I applied this to the areas on my scalp that have psoriasis after I washed and before I dry my hair. No stinging or sticky feeling after I applied it. It absorbs quickly and I was able to dry & style my hair without any type of greasy leftover. I like when a product is secured & sealed properly. This solution definitely was.


Been using this product for the pass week morning and night because I have psoriasis in my scalp and I’ve seen drastic improvement so far…. I really didn’t think it would work only reason I didn’t take before pics but it sure is doing something for just using in one week

Really works

Took the itch and scaling away.

I Can Wear A Black T-Shirt Again!

Have had severe dry scalp for years, living in the desert with very low humidity does not help. This might be too much info., (TMI) but, it gets so bad that I get the dry flakey stuff on my keyboard and desk top. Daily use of a keyboard brush is standard operating procedure. Since I started using this product the white flaky stuff is almost completely gone. Just a few drops twice a day! Big difference, so much so that I can wear a black T-shirt again.

works well, give it a few days for best effect

i have been having issues with my scalp ever since i bleached my hair, and recently learned that it was a type of psoriasis. This stuff is nice to massage into my roots and scalp before bed, and gets rid of a lot of the itchy and uncomfortable feelings i had been experiencing. Within a few days of continued use at bedtime, the red patches on my scalp are almost gone and the flaky skin is improving fast too.

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